Biodiversity Week Ireland 2023

Waterfowl nesting tube at Ballyvolane House

National Biodiversity Week Ireland 2023 Ireland runs from 19th to 28th May.

We are always trying to improve our biodiversity here at Ballyvolane House and we have around 20 hectares of woodland and four lakes which provide pristine and safe habitats for birds, red squirrels, amphibians and pollinators. We preserve and protect these biodiversity friendly habitats and we have created some new ones too. We have added some waterfowl nesting tubes (see photo above) to our lakes which provide safe nesting boxes for moorhens and mallard. We have also recently sown 4.5 hectares of winter bird food (mix of spring wheat, linseed, white mustard, phacelia and oilseed radish) which will sustain and feed an abundance of our resident songbirds throughout the winter months. We have erected numerous bird nesting boxes and bat boxes around the estate too. We also planted 300 native trees last year.

We have blessed to have red squirrels here and they can been seen feeding daily at three squirrel feeding stations. They make the heart sing!

If you would like to learn how to make and position your own nesting tubes, click here to view a YouTube tutorial.

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