European Historic Houses feature Ballyvolane House in ‘House of the Month’

Ballyvolane House is European Historic Houses 'House of the Month'

The European Historic Houses represents +50,000 private historic houses across Europe and the EHH has launched an initiative called ‘Houses of the Month’ which is an invitation to take part in a journey through the cultural heritage premises. With this new project, the EHH wants to offer their audience more than a guided tour. The objective is to spotlight the passion, talent, courage and hard work of our owners, as well as the importance of such buildings in our common history.

Ballyvolane House is part of Ireland’s privately-owned built heritage. Preserving built heritage in private hands in Ireland and across Europe is important work as they add enormously to our cultural and heritage landscape. Ballyvolane House is a member of the Historic Houses of Ireland.

Thank you to the EHH for giving us an opportunity to share our journey and to showcase how we are committed to preserving our home for the future.

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