Sloe Bertha

SLOE BERTHA - a warming tipple made by infusing wild sloes with Bertha’s Revenge Gin. The wild sloes are picked from the hedgerows around Ballyvolane and beyond when they ripen in the autumn. We then steep them in Bertha’s Revenge Gin for several months and add some sugar syrup at the end to sweeten.

A bit like a good dog, SLOE BERTHA is a welcome companion when taking to the great outdoors over the winter. A few sips of SLOE BERTHA will renew flagging enthusiasm when cold, wet and watching a match from the sidelines. Equally, it will serve to gird the loins when facing the final hill of the day. Away from the sporting field, SLOE BERTHA may be enjoyed as a digestif or as a key ingredient in our Hedgerow Martini.

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